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Information on the authenticity of customer reviews

Put here your Information on the authenticity of customer reviews.

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No verification of the authenticity of customer reviews

The reviews are not checked for authenticity before they are published. They can therefore also come from consumers who have not actually purchased/used the rated products.

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Verification of the authenticity of consumer reviews

Each consumer review is verified for authenticity before it is published, ensuring that reviews only come from consumers who have actually purchased/used the products being reviewed.

The verification is done [Select applicable]
  • by manual verification in the form of a comparison of the rating with the order history of the merchandise management system in order to make a previous product purchase a necessary condition for publication.
  • by sending individualised links to consumers after the completion of an online order that lead to an online rating form and ensure that access to the rating function is only granted to consumers who have actually purchased a product.
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