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Bonus system at Horsetack

Welcome to the bonus system of Horsetack

You can save money with the bonus program.
All you need is a customer account. Guest customers also receive bonus points, but since they cannot log in again with this guest account, guests do not have access to the bonus points.
You will receive bonus points for every purchase you make with us. You can deduct them from your next purchase in the form of credit.


20,-¤ purchase value receive 2 points
50,-¤ purchase value will receive 5 points
100,-¤ purchase value will receive 10 points
200,-¤ purchase value will receive 20 points
300,-¤ purchase value will receive 30 points

1 point corresponds to the value: 1,-¤

A maximum of 10,-¤ can be deducted per order (if the credit is available ).

Here are a few notes:

    Guests can not use the bonus point system
    The bonus points can only be received if the goods are not returned.
    If you redeem points for goods and return these goods, these points will be forfeited.
    You can view your bonus points in your customer area
    The bonus points can not be combined with other promotions

Have fun collecting

Your Horsetack Team
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